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SFTC Ukrinterenergo’s scope of activities covers:

- transit of electricity

- export and import of electricity, fuel and other goods

- activity in the oil and gas industry

- mutual emergency aid

The main objectives of the Company:

- electricity transit provision through the power grid of Ukraine

- export and import of electricity, fuel and other goods, power equipment, technologies, materials and services

- wholesale trade of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and similar products

- attracting modern technologies and equipment to Ukraine


Export and import of electricity to EasternEuropean countries

SFTC UKRINTERENERGO has been dealing with electricity export since 1993. The company has considerable experience in electricity export to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, Belarus and Russia.

In 2017 SFTC UKRINTERENERGO acquired the right for access to the transmission capacity of the interstate power transmission lines for electricity export to Hungary.

Import of electricity and steam coal

In 2015, pursuant to Resolution of the Government SFTC UKRINTERENERGO imported electricity from the Russian Federation, and according to the protocol decisions of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine during 2014-2015 years it supplied the imported steam coal to thermal power plants enabling them to accumulate the required coal reserves and pass through the autumn and winter period in a sustainable way.

Transit of electricity

In view of Ukraine's integration into the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) SFTC UKRINTERENERGO provides electricity transit through power transmission lines of “Burshtyn TPP Island” and ensures the maximum use of transit potential of Ukraine, resulting in the flow of foreign exchange earnings to the country and increasing contributions to the budget.

Activity in the oil and gas industry

Reforms in the natural gas market of Ukraine allowed SFTC UKRINTERENERGO for trading in the natural gas market of Ukraine.

In addition, the company considers entering the fuel market of Ukraine, including the supply of furnace fuel oil M-100 (V-VI type, low-ash) for Ukrainian thermal power plants and combined heat and power plants.

SFTC UKRINTERENERGO, as the state-owned company, has all the financial and technical capabilities to fulfill essential government tasks, namely ensuring the import of electricity to the United Energy System of Ukraine in order to avoid rolling blackouts in case of power system deficiency as well as supply of critical grades of coal for TPPs and CHPs of Ukraine.

The Company’s management always takes care of the impeccable image of SFTC UKRINTERENERGO, consistently implementing the concept of a reliable, financially strong foreign trade company.